Friday, July 17, 2015

If You Have Taken Pleasure in My Suffering, Please Consider This as a Thank You. From you. To Me.

Dearest readers,

I am going to walk across the country in 8 short months.  I plan on walking the American Discovery Trail and I will be starting in March of 2016.

I will need financial support to realize this dream.

Here's the thing.

If some hole-in-the-wall, anti-gay pizza place can raise ALMOST ONE MILLION DOLLARS for refusing to cater a non-existent gay wedding, surely I can raise a handful of money to help me walk across the country.

I mean, really.

Almost one million dollars was raised for a couple of jackasses who decided they would *never* cater a gay wedding and ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME.  WHO, FOR FUCK'S SAKE, ASKS A PIZZA PLACE TO CATER A WEDDING.  NOBODY, THAT'S WHO.  ESPECIALLY NOT GAY PEOPLE.

So, yeah.  That happened because people are stupid.

I'm going to walk across the country next year.  I'm going to do it whether I'm financially able or not.  Then I'm going to write about it.

Would you like this to happen?  Would you enjoy reading my take on America?


Here's where you can make it happen:

I'm going to do something amazing, friends.  Come along for the ride.